Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Almost Vegetarian?

Almost Vegetarian: A Primer for Cooks who are Eating Vegetarian Most of the Time, Chicken & Fish Some of the Time & Altogether Well All of the Time, by Diana Shaw.

This book is great for people who are, for whatever reason, beginning to be careful about what they put on their table. Many of these people are starting by eating less meat. If you or your family are starting to watch what you eat, this book provides information and guidance to help you prepare delicious meals that are also healthy for you. The book begins with a fresh vegetable directory. Information given includes how to choose fresh vegetables and many other useful facts, such as how the vegetable is commonly used, when the peak season is, how to store the vegetable, and how to determine if it is ripe. There are chapters on poultry and fish, but there also are chapters on soups, salads, pasta and risotto, vegetable main dishes, and side dishes that can double as main dishes. The book ends with even more information: a fresh food directory, info on cookware and utensils, and mail order sources for food. The recipes in this book look really good, and almost every one has serving suggestions. All told, this is a very useful book and very pertinent for today.

-- Mary Ellen, Main Library

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